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The Artist

Joe Ferrante has been portraying nature and it's creatures for the past 35 years. He has worked in different mediums but finds acrylics best suited for his realistic style. Each of his compositions starts with a concept, an inspiration, and then sketched on paper and experimented with until it is ready for painting. He pays special attention to detail without, however, cluttering his subjects. His compositions are rich in color and realism. He spends long hours on each depiction, and only when satisfied does he finally apply his signature. He has sold his work to collectors in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Japan. He is also often commisioned to render special works for individuals, companies and corporations. Several of Joe's works are also available as Limited Edition Prints, Giclee Prints and are for sale on this website. He has been twice picked by Ducks Unlimited Canada for their Art Print Porfolio, DU BC Artist of the year twice and Guides & Outfitters of BC Artist of the year twice.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from being in the outdoors, watching and Photographing the many species of birds that visit the bird feeders in my yard. I consider myself very lucky to be living in Prince George, British Columbia, where we are blessed with magnificent surroundings and plentiful wildlife. Inspiration is right outside my studio window. I enjoy snowshoeing, snowmobiling in winter, atv-ing, fishing & hunting in the summer and fall.

My Materials

I work primarily in acrylic paint on masonite board, occasionally I also work on canvas. Although I never limit myself to painting wildlife it is my favourite subject, but have been commisioned in the past to paint pets, horses, buildings, landscapes and portraits. I enjoy the challenge of a new piece, and usually spend long hours painting, especially on long winter days, listening to music as I work.


Joe is always willing to be commissioned for original art. You can special order a scene or any subject to paint, or supply your own image.

Please contact him for further information.

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